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they found a woman's body believed to be heather carol. she failed to pick up her five- year-old son from school. she volunteered in the search and was a friend of the family and he is now facing murder charges. >>> senator arland specter died from none how much ken's lymphoma. he is survived by his wife two sons and four granddaughters. he switched to the democratic party saying the gop had gone -- gop had gone too conservative. >>> the end did he now -- endeavor now is at the science center after a 12-mile two day journey to l.a. x. they wanted to make sure there was room for the shuttle. >> as i spoke to people who fathered along the streets, i saw the real gift of the endeavor. the gift of the inspiration and the gift of dream making. >> endeavor will follow shuttle's discovery and it will go on display october 30thth. >>> it is a big leap in history. >> extreme athlete felix bomb gardener was able to break the sound bar yes. it took two and a half hours to get up and only 9 minutes to get down. he reached speeds of 834 miles per hour. his a send was the average for jet liners. >> i w
, it is hiding behind door number 3, with carol merrill and his undisclosed tax returns. >> you know... really, the lines are great, but, chris, the bottom line is this: his budget, tax increase on i don't believe creators, budget gimmicks, and, brings us to $25 trillion in debt over ten years. in fact, this president has added more debt than any other president. >> not true. >> he said he'd cut the deficit in half... >> well, senator... senator. >> four years of trillion dollar deficit. >> you know, you are in the united states. >> it is not true he said he'd -- >> $10 trillion is what he inherited and you should know the deficit is now 15 or $16 trillion, and it's not true, when -- you say it and you repeated it. >> he has added more debt than any other president. >> that is not true. >> any other president. >> no, it is not true. >> chris: let me just -- >> president bush left him with a $10 trillion deficit. >> 4.7 -- >> i said idle be tougher than jim lehrer and i'm going to be. what didn't come up in the debate is the fiscal cliff of tax increases come at the end of the year, sequestrati
. heather carol did not return in the afternoon to pick up her child or two other children she cares for. family and friends say this is completely out of character. she's describeds -- she's described as 5'5", reddish hair, brown eyes. she lass safety -- she was last seen driving a tan sequoia suv. >>> 18-year-old max wade of san rafael is charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at a couple in mill valley back in april. she's also accused of stealing celebrity chef's guy fieri's $200,000 lamb bore ginnfully a san francisco -- lamborghini from a san francisco dealership last year. he's being held on $2 million. >>> san rafael police have helped up -- stepped up patrols following a wave of home burglar ris. several times on mike drive, kendangerous drive and the peacock gap neighborhoods -- kendris drive and the peacock gap have been vandalized. they are taking jewelry and cash. >> they are going through the drawers and then they neatly put everything back and they take the jewelry and we believe they are taking a pillowcase to put the property in. >> police say the thieves w
barricaded himself inside. police say heather carol was last seen friday morning after dropping off her daughter in school. the next day, carol's suv was found burned on the side of the road. it's not known if she is in the home. officers say the man play be armed. >>> firefighters in san francisco are remaining on the scene of a four alarm fire that destroyed a popular restaurant right in the heart of the portal restaurant. the fire started in the squat and gobble cafe just across the street from a busy muni tunnel. the fire then quickly spread to a wine bar and orthodon to the best -- orthodontist office. >> he treats his store like his babies. he has to do it right. >> it took six hours to control that fire. the cause is under investigation but authorities say there are no indications that it was deliberately set. >>> in san jose firefighters responded to a fire made worse by exploding bullets. the flames broke out about 4:00 this morning at a house on carlton avenue. ammunition stored inside made it too dangerous for crews to enter the home so they stayed outside and it ended uptak
to school. >>> they are accused in the death of a young hollister murder. heather carol died of blunt force trauma. now on saturday, her body was found inside the home of a family friend following a police standoff. he said she died after they had an argument when she was first reported missing. bail has been set at $1.5 million. >>> administrators are racing to keep the school's accreditation. they have filed an action plan detailing proposed improvements. the school plans on cutting costs by closing 3 satellite facilities, and reducing staff. >> we do have some breaking news regarding cyclist, lance armstrong. he announced he is stepping down from his charity. he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the foundation. he wants them to focus on charity work rather than getting bogged down from recent doping use. levi was dropped by the cycling team yesterday. he is also suspended from cycling for six months. he confessed to doping as part of what happened during armstrong's career. >>> from the nhl season labor talks get back underway. the players union will take a look and respond
saturday afternoon. the corner identified the victim of king gregory carol, jr. his body was found in the 2200 block just before one in the afternoon. police have said little about how he died but they say the circumstances are suspicious. >>> tomorrow we should learn the name of the woman found dead in a cast row valley house fire last week. the alameda county sheriff's office may release more details about that fire and whether an accelerant was used as initially expected. the home is of a san francisco firefighter who has not been named as a suspect. >>> timothy haggerty had pleaded no contest to embezzlement and other charges and. he was accused for forging school documents to get a loan for his own home. it's not yet clear how much restitution he'll have to pay. >>> the first real storm of the season has turned out to be pretty impressive anymore from a tenth to a half inch of rain and more than an inch in some areas along the north bay as well as the santa cruz mountains. showing you the scattered showers again over our area. we'll continue with the rain oen and off throughou
to the woman led them to his house and that's when the standoff began. 25-year-old heather carol was last seen wednesday morning dropping her child off at school. then early thursday morning, police found her car on fire. carol's parents say the suspect in the standoff was a friend of their daughter's and was in her wedding. police say carol was not inside the home. a $1000 reward is being offered for information leading to her whereabouts. >>> well, it was a bachelor party one san francisco man is not going to forget. the wine tasting boat that he and his buddies were on nearly sank in the bay last night. 22 people were on board the neptune when it hit a rock near alcatraz and started taking on water. it was all around 9:00. certainly surprised the groom, who is getting married tomorrow. >> 20 minutes we hill a rock and like a big jolt. it was like, everyone thought it was cool and then all of a sudden it wasn't that cool. >> the coastguard guy was, like, i give you a 70% it's going to sink. >> well, the coastguard picked up the passengers, then took them over to pier 39. that boat was towed
understand. thank you. i want to ask carol goldberg to stand up. >> the outsourcing of american jobs overseas has taken a toll on our economy. what plans do you have to put back and keep jobs here in united states? >> great question. you're absolutely right. the place we have seen manufacturing go is china. a lot of good people have lost jobs. half a million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the last four years. one of the reasons for that is people think it is more attractive to go offshore than to stay here. we have made it less attractive for enterprises to stay here than to go offshore. what i will do as president is to make sure it is more attractive to come to america again. this is the way we will create jobs in this country. it is not by trickle-down government. trickle-down government has never worked, never worked anywhere. i want to make america the most attractive place in the world for small business, for big business, to invest and grow in america. we're gong to have to make sure that as we trade with other nations, that they play by the rules. china has not. one of the ways
seen since she dropped off her child since yesterday morning. heather carol did not return in the afternoon to pick up her child. she also did not pick up two other children she cares for. family and friends say this is out of character. she's described as 5'5", has reddish wavy hair, brown eyes. she was last seen driving a brown tan-colored sequoia suv. >>> an arrest turned into the arrest of about went people after protesters re-- 20 people after protesters refused to leave. [chanting] >> yesterday, evening, the group homes, not jailed for world homeless day parked -- marched from delores park and once there they entered a residential building hanging signs and dropping items from the roof. >> in the process of going to the building, police noted that several doors have been broken, rocks thrown at sheetrock. >> police say some of the people involved could face fellmy charges. >>> san francisco police are looking for witnesses who saw someone open fire on a muni railway bus. it happened last friday night at the intersection of third and paul avenue. the muni driver stoppe
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9